From concept to creation, Cathtek delivers full-service medical device manufacturing.

We do it all from our 16,000-sq. ft. standalone facility in Winston-Salem, NC.


We are ISO 13485-certified for Sterile Medical Device , and we help our clients go from initial idea to finished device with speed, precision and flexibility. At Cathtek, we’re able to incorporate design for manufacturing concepts early in the design phase.


Every project is different, but Cathtek can manage every type of development phase, from boilerplate to extensive. We handle a large portion of development in house, and we have a vast network of highly qualified and reliable vendors to whom we can turn whenever needed.


Cathtek performs a wide variety of manufacturing processes in its standalone facility, including injection molding, insert molding, pad printing, tipping, assembly, ultrasonic welding, electronics parts/cable, packaging and more. This dexterity allows us to manage the manufacturing phase of our clients’ devices from start to finish.

Packaging & Distribution

Cathtek even provides sterilization and distribution services. We work hand-in-hand with our vendor partners to properly sterilize and distribute your products directly to the hospital.


From product inception stage to full production and distribution, Cathtek can be your partner in success. Ask for a sample of our high-quality product delivery pipeline.